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Hapa Ink

An experienced supplier to several OEMs, Hapa Ink specializes in developing, producing and delivering tailor-made UV inks and supplies, no matter the volume needs. Hapa Ink production packages products to customers´ specifications.

Hapa Ink - Swiss Ink Print Performance

Swiss Ink Print Performance

Hapa Ink develops, produces and delivers inks designed to the exact specifications of a particular application. It caters to orders of any size, no matter how small.
Hapa inks are printing on plastic, aluminum, and labeling materials of all types. The performance of our white inks is unsurpassed.

Key Features

  • Customer-specific ink development and manufacture
  • Small-volume specialists
  • Migration tests to produce optimal results
  • Inks for all printing systems
  • Inks for print heads supplied by Xaar, Konica Minolta, Kyocera and many others
  • Private-labeling and client-specific filling and packaging of inks
  • Long term availability of inks

Our Inks

Whether an ink is designed from scratch to meet your needs, or individualized from Hapa Ink’s standard range, the print quality is impressive. The ink portfolio includes:

  • CMYK
  • CcMmYyKk – for a larger color space
  • Spot colors
  • White of unsurpassed opacity
  • Fluorescent and transparent inks
  • Security inks

The inks are suited for strictly regulated industries for their:

  • Low migration
  • Low setoff properties
  • Low odor after curing
Hapa Ink - Our inks
Hapa Ink - Highly-opaque white Ink

Highly Opaque White Ink

The opacity of our white is unsurpassed. Thanks to its increased density of white pigments, it fulfills crucial opacity requirement with a single pass.


Each and every application is carefully analyzed. Polymerization kinetics and curing times are each taken into account. And a developed ink’s dynamic behavior is then fine tuned to the print head, taking into account:

  • Viscosity
  • Surface tension
  • Flow characteristics
  • Adhesion and opacity
  • Optimize the jetability
Hapa Ink - Analysis
Hapa Ink - Migration tests

Ink Migration Tests

Hapa Ink migration tests are done in close cooperation with established certified institutes. Examined are:

  • Ink
  • Substrate
  • Product
  • Printing System
  • Polymerization

In a thorough and sophisticated process, the interactions between components – substrate, product, print system and polymerization – are calculated in order to produce optimal results.

Private Labeling

The private labeling and client-specific filling and packaging of inks rounds out the services Hapa Ink offers.

Hapa Ink - Private Labeling