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UV DOD is a fully digital, non-contact print technology ideally suited for the smallest batches, codes, and serialization, Track and Trace and anti-counterfeiting measures. The technology enables the change of graphics and text without line stoppages. The printing of batch and security numbers, as well as codes, is easily integrated into the production process.

Web 4.0

The Industry 4.0–ready UV digital printing system combines revolutionary design with a proven pedigree for printing on web-fed materials. It will be launched at interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf.


The BlisterJet is a single-color, fully digital, UV DOD piezo inkjet printing system for blank or pre-printed blisters.

BlisterJet CMYK

The BlisterJet CMYK prints text and graphics in 4 spot colors or CMYK color process on sealed, blank, or pre-printed blisters.


The compact WebJet is a fully digital, UV DOD piezo inkjet, single-color printing system. The on-demand, format-free technology uses solvent-free, UV-curing inks.

DigiMATIC 220

The off-the-shelf DigiMATIC is a fully digital and format-free UV DOD piezo inkjet printing solution.


The format-free redcube printing module excels at serialization, coding, and marking in the highest print quality and on a wide range of products.

redcube plus

The "redcube plus" is Hapa’s scalable UV DOD piezo inkjet printing module. It prints up to 7 spot colors or CMYK plus 3 spot colors format-free. Hapa has integrated the “redcube plus” into systems to print beverage closures, and web materials.

Hapa 861

The Hapa 861 is a top-mounted, UV DOD, piezo inkjet packaging-film printing system.

Hapa 862

The lean in-house printing solution for any foil or label-printing application: Hapa 862. Scalable and modular, the system integrates with your existing packaging lines, or operates roll-to-roll. It merges with existing processes and integrates with ERP and workflow.

MedJet 470

The compact MedJet 470 is a fully digital, UV DOD piezo inkjet, single-color printing system for the medical packaging industry.

Universal Label Printer

The Universal LP is a fully digital, UV DOD foil and label printing system. Format-free, it prints text and graphics enabling the blending variable data and serialization into overall packaging design.

Blow Fill Seal Printing Unit

Hapa’s Blow Fill Seal Printing Unit designed for direct printing on BFS containers incorporates an up- and downstream conveyor and a precision vacuum transport system.