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In-house printing supports lean packaging processes. You have the flexibility to work with blank or generically pre-printed materials to print what you need and when you need it. For whatever market. Move rapidly from concept to product by reducing logistics and supply chain management complexities, and produce smaller batches cost effectively.

Reduce Time to Market
  • Leaner production processes
  • Increased production flexibility, from design to production
  • Multiply product variants without multiplying process complexity
    • launch new products or campaigns
    • target new niches or markets
    • produce personalized products

Reduce SKU’s
  • Supply as many markets as you want with one SKU—a blank or generic pre-printed, roll-fed web material, bulk cartons or blister packs
  • Fulfill orders directly from your packaging line
  • Save on warehouse space and logistic processes
  • Eliminate obsolete products

Reduce Waste
During production, up to 25 percent of materials are wasted by processes that can be reduced or made obsolete by inline printing.
  • Changeovers reduced
  • Necessary number of downtimes reduced
  • Obsolete packaging material and products eliminated
  • Errors and recalls reduced

Private Labeling
  • Easily alter graphic and text elements or trade dress
  • Cater to regional markets or white-label
  • Produce unfinished products in bulk to be shipped on demand and finished locally with an in-house Hapa printer

Leaner Forecasting
  • Simplify and improve your forecasting strategy
  • Facilitate accuracy
  • Switch from make-to-stock to make-to-order
  • Implement the Late Stage Customization of products

Serialization / Track & Trace
  • Run the smallest of batches
  • Fully digital print ideal for serialization and Track & Trace applications
  • Print each pack uniquely, no matter its form or substrate.

Substitute Embossing
Embossing is material invasive, unverifiable by sensors, and never part of creative design. Why not do away with the problem?
  • Integrate expiration dates and lot numbers into the overall package design
  • Improve readability
  • Integrate sensors for verification

Eliminate Reconciliation
  • Use generically pre-printed or blank materials across different products, strengths, dosage forms and quantities of contents
  • Eliminate set-up and tear-down times, and the processes and controls associated with pulling and reconciling material
  • Significantly reduce mislabeling and product recalls