Hapa Services

We match our services to your needs by collaborating closely with you

Maintenance Services

Minimize your unplanned equipment downtime and protect your investment with our range of maintenance services. Our services are tailored to every production need. 

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Hapa Services - Incident Management & Troubleshooting

Incident Management & Troubleshooting

Remote access assistance, troubleshooting, and service intervention – Hapa-certified engineers and technicians provide the complete knowledge and expertise to keep customers machines at top-operating condition.

Call for support:

Europe +41 (0)848 55 11 55

United Kingdom +44 1323 90 1000

India/Bangladesh +91 4471279056

USA/Canada +1 856 249 9030

Hapa Services - Technical Service

Technical Service

Combining Swiss quality with reliability, innovation, and lean thinking, Hapa offers system check-ups and preventative maintenance packages. Technical services are matched to the customer’s needs when and where they're needed.