Drucklösungen für die optimale Agilität von Verpackungslinien

Drucklösungen für optimierte Agilität von Verpackungslinien

Multitalent für Kleinchargen

UV DOD ist eine voll digitale, kontaktlose Drucktechnologie zum Bedrucken von Verpackungsmaterial mit Artwork, variablen und serialisierten Daten. Der Workflow für die digitalen Daten lässt sich leicht in den Produktionsprozess integrieren.

Hapa Web 4.0

Web 4.0

The Industry 4.0–ready UV digital printing system combines revolutionary design with a proven pedigree for printing on web-fed materials. Scalable and modular, the system integrates with existing packaging lines, or operates roll-to-roll.

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The compact WebJet is a fully digital, single-color web printing system designed to be installed on a blister packaging line. High quality results are assured via solvent-free, UV-curing inks. The WebJet is available in multiple versions including an offline roll-to-roll version.

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Hapa WebJet
Hapa DigiMATIC


The off-the-shelf DigiMATIC is a fully digital UV DOD blister foil printing solution. It is usually installed on top of the blister machine and printed foil follows the usual web path on the line. Blister artworks along with variable data and codes can be changed quickly and securely.

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Variable Data Printer

The Variable Data Printer (VDP) is a digital, single-color packaging-printing system for printing codes and variable data on blister-lidding foils. Using modern, solvent-free UV-curing inks, it prints codes and variable data in one color on various web materials.

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Hapa Variable Data Printer
Hapa BlisterJet CMYK

BlisterJet CMYK

The BlisterJet CMYK provides the flexibility of process color printing within a late stage customization production concept.  It can be supplied with a range of blister feeding systems and can connect directly to a cartoning machine.

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The BlisterJet prints text and graphics in up to two colors onto sealed blisters in a single pass. The system forms the heart of a late stage customization production concept for pharmaceutical blisters.

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Hapa BlisterJet


The Hapa BFS-JET, late-stage customization printing system is designed to print on blow fill seal, unit dose vials. The system incorporates up and downstream connection conveyor.

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Hapa 861

The Hapa 861 is a digital CMYK printing system for pre-cut labels or packaging films. With a small footprint, it is designed to be integrated with packaging machines that use narrow webs such as
label applicators, and strip-pack and pouching/sachet machines.

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Hapa 861