Hapa and Graniten

Die digitale Zukunft kleiner Produktionsgrössen

In all industries, and in the pharmaceutical industry in particular, there is a strong trend towards product customization and lean packaging. The packaging industry must handle smaller batch sizes to ensure higher flexibility, higher demand and fast change-over between different products or batches. Graniten Engineering – the Swedish turnkey machine supplier – is specialized in ranging from technology innovation to full-scale production equipment. The new Digital Pad Printer – a cooperation between Graniten and Hapa – manages market and regulatory variability with ease and leads our customers to the future of in-house printing.

Hapa and Graniten - The Way to Digitalization

The just-in-time printing solution facilitates packaging, SKU and supply-chain complexities. It is based upon a linear servo drive system which allows to set up the machines’ speed. This enables the packaging line to handle each incoming product individually, regardless of the characteristics of the product flow. Yet the outgoing flow is always arranged in an even manner and synchronized with downstream equipment thanks to a built-in buffer system.

Hapa’s flexible printing module redcube plus is integrated into the heart of the Digital Pad Printer. Its capability can be increased from single to four spot colors, or CMYK. Print-head maintenance is fully automated, and no production time is lost to manual cleaning. Two pinning stations are an option to fulfil color-on-color printing. The redcube plus prints at up to 60 meters per minute, with a resolution of 720 dpi.

Together with the plasma pretreatment, UV hardener and vision inspection the machine is capable of handling capacities up to 220 incoming products per minute. The machine can print on any product. First, it will be launched as a Blow Fill Seal (BFS) solution.

The Swedish and Swiss know-how and experience makes the Digital Pad Printer the ideal solution for any modern pharmaceutical production.

Find more information here: graniten.com/digital-pad-printer


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