Blisterjet agile

Blisterjet Agile

New digital, most cost-efficient, versatile late-stage customization solution

Blisterjet print engine

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Hapa presents its most advanced, complexity-eating, OEE improving, user friendly late-stage customization solution.

Late-stage customization

The shift in production profiles from large volumes with a few SKUs to high mix / low volumes is well documented. Today, the majority of pharmaceutical companies struggle to manage the complexity associated with demand volatility and a high number of product variants. 

With late-stage customization, blister packaging lines produce only blank blisters at a high speed. This allows the customization of sealed blisters at the last stage of the production process. As soon as orders for smaller batches come in, blank blisters are released from inventory, printed on demand in the exact quantity required and rapidly delivered to where they are needed. 

Blister samples
HAPA Blisterjet Agile

Digital Transformation

The blisterjet agile enables the digital transformation of the graphics chain to blister packing lines through the use of:

  • OptiMate - Hapa’s award winning HMI
  • Hapa Move - the GMP pharma-compliant machine control architecture
  • Vision Secure - fully integrated product inspection system that uses
  • Make Ready, a pdf-based workflow for both printing and inspection

Key Benefits

  • User-friendly concept 
  • High level of automation 
  • Compatibility with industry 4.0 
  • Higher blister line capacity 
  • One HMI controls the entire machine 
  • Audit trail provides visibility of information 
  • Vision Secure ensures the accuracy of print results, leading to better product and patient safety 
Hapa Blisterjet Agile blisters on transport
Blisterjet print engine

Key features:

  • Up to full color printing (CMYK) & variable data printing in monochrome 
  • 600 dpi resolution 
  • For pharmaceutical applications: pre-sealed pharmaceutical blisters of various sizes 

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