Digiline Label

High print quality on different label materials. The printed labels have excellent resistance to abrasion.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Digital Printing
  • INDUSTRY: Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: OTC, Other Pharma & Healthcare


The Hapa Digiline Label is a digital DOD label printing system that is designed to print pre-cut self-adhesive roll-fed material. The system removes the production issues associated with thermal printing from your labeling process. Compact and ergonomic, it seamlessly integrates with your labeling machine thus providing ultimate flexibility and reducing the supply chain complexity associated with managing multiple label variations.‚ÄčThe Hapa Digiline Label is the efficient solution when it comes to printing labels for containers such as BFS, vials, ampules or prefilled syringes and feeding them trouble-free to a labeling machine.The focus is on consistently high print quality, which avoids expensive rejects. The printed labels have excellent resistance to abrasion in the packaging line and the outer packaging, as well as resistance to solvents.

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)981
Machine height (mm)1989
Machine length (mm)1481
Machine weight (kg)450
More Information
Other infoThe heart of the Digiline Label is the non-contact OMEGA DoD inkjet printer with energy-saving UV-A LED curing. Even at high production speeds, it guar-antees a high-quality, sharply contoured print image. The optional automatic cleaning station for the print head reduces operator interventions during production to a minimum. The ingenious transport mechanism reacts automatically to changing speeds or intervals of the labeller and buffers printed labels. The system is also designed to detect partially or completely transparent labels.
Max speed (m/min)60
Other technical features
Technological applicationFlat, single-layer labels, Labels for container such as BFS, vials, ampoules, prefilled syringes
SubstratesPP, PET, PVC Paper
Technical data
Max printing width (mm)120
Max printing length (mm)140
Max roll diameter (mm)400
Resolution (dpi)360
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