Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Digital Printing
  • INDUSTRY: Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: OTC, Laboratories, Medical Devices, Optical, Other Pharma & Healthcare, Injectables, Ophthalmic, Other prescription applications

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)960
Machine height (mm)1065
Machine length (mm)1002
Machine weight (kg)280
More Information
Other infoThe Hapa 861 is a UV DOD, CMYK piezo inkjet printing system for pre-cut labels or packaging films. With a small footprint, it is designed to be integrated with packaging machines that use narrow webs such as label applicators, and strip-pack and pouching/sachet machines. The system can be configured for single color printing with a simple upgrade path to 4 spot colors or full-color, CMYK process printing.
Max speed (m/min)35
Technical data
Max printing width (mm)72
Max printing length (mm)120
Max web width (mm)105
Min web width (mm)35
Resolution (dpi)720
Other technical features
SubstratesPre-cut, self-adhesive labels, Narrow-web strip-packing films
Value proposition
Value propositionFlexibility
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