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Environmental benefits of late-stage customization and on-demand printing

Anyone engaging seriously with the topic of sustainability will likely be amazed at the sheer scale of untapped potential. It’s no longer just a question of how much CO2 can be avoided, but in many cases simply looking at the issue reveals previously hidden costs. Blister production in the pharma industry provides an excellent example of how these potential savings can be harnessed more effectively – for the benefit of businesses and the environment. 

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Hapa Web 4.0 - Industry 4.0-ready

Web 4.0 Platform

Designed for integration with pharmaceutical packaging machines and Industry 4.0–ready, the Web 4.0 platform is focused on operability and reliability. Seamless connection with digital workflow, scalable and flexible it integrates onto existing or new packaging lines. Driven by know-how and experience, the Web 4.0 systems are ergonomic, easy to setup, operate and maintain. Print-head maintenance is fully automated and the system includes multiple new innovative features.

  • The WD-37-R-2D is a compact, digital UV DOD, 2-color printing system with LED curing. It prints material widths up to 370 mm, at speeds up to 60 meters per minute. Print resolution is 720 x 720 dpi.

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OptiMate - Hapa HMI

Winner of three distinctions, iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, and German Design Award, the HMI is as easy to use as a smart phone. It drives Hapa’s new generation of printing systems, delivering an unsurpassed ease of operability that combines function and flexibility with user-centered design and HTML5 web technology.

The multi-touch printing and control systems are easily integrated into complex lines. Navigation is workflow-oriented and scalable up to plant management. Platform independent, the Hapa HMI can run on the leading browsers and can be upgraded to specific customer needs.

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BlisterJet and BlisterJet CMYK

BlisterJet and BlisterJet CMYK

Hapa’s digital BlisterJet units print on sealed, neutral blisters and are used in numerous pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The standard BlisterJet prints in up to two colors while the the BlisterJet CMYK prints up to four colors. Non-contact, both systems use UV DOD piezo inkjet technology and LED curing for perfectly sharp print results. They are available for inline integration or as near-to-line configurations.

  • The BlisterJet prints in up to two colors onto neutral blisters of 36 mm to 105 mm in width, at speeds up to 160 blisters per minute.
  • The BlisterJet CMYK prints full presentations onto neutral blisters in multi-colors of 36 mm to 105 mm in width, at speeds up to 160 blisters per minute.
  • A high speed (300/min) version is available on request

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redcube plus

The redcube plus is a digital printing module, scalable from 1 to 7 spot colors or CMYK + 2 spot colors. Non-contact, it uses UV DOD piezo inkjet technology to print perfectly sharp quality onto nearly any surface or material. Print-head maintenance and print-head flushing is automated. Optional pinning stations allow color-on-color printing.

  • redcube plus S2.5 – scalable from 1 to 2 spot colors, print widths from 72 to 144 mm, and print resolutions from 360 to 720 dpi.
  • redcube plus S4.5 -- scalable from 1 to 4 spot colors or CMYK printing, print widths from 72 to 144 mm, and print resolutions from 360 to 720 dpi.
  • redcube plus S7 – scalable from 1 to 7 colors, spot and/or process printing, print widths from 72 to 144 mm, and print resolutions from 360 to 720 dpi.

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Digital printing module redcube plus