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Training & Documentation

Get detailed documentation and have your line personnel trained by experts in the optimal use and maintenance of Hapa systems. 




When receiving your Hapa machine, a set of complete operating manuals and service procedures is included. Further documents (e.g. IQ/ OQ protocols and functional specifications) are optionally available. These are critical tools to keep your machine in the best possible operating condition.

Hapa Services - Training and Documentation


Empowering your staff through training and development is a powerful way to get the most out of your machine and to improve your business. Skilled employees assure both long term quality and profitability.

Hapa offers several different training courses for operators, technicians and maintenance staff (mechanical or electrical). Experienced technicians educate participants with both theoretical and hands-on training at the Hapa Training Center in Volketswil (Switzerland) or at customer site. Artwork trainings are also available online.

Your Benefits

  • Increase in productivity and lifecycle of your machine
  • Scheduling of repair times is in your hands
  • Optimal setting leads to less material wear and waste
  • Maintenance by your own personnel according to GMP
  • Fast recognition and correction of small errors
  • Efficient communication with Hapa Customer Service
  • Minimalization of production downtimes 

Our Trainings
Our experts, who are familiar with your daily business, will bring your employees to a new level of valuable knowledge.

Haven’t found the perfect training yet? 
Contact us at training@hapa.ch and we will customize our training to your individual needs.


Basic Training

This Basic Training is offered for operators without previous skills.

Advanced Training

This Advanced Training is offered for operators, technicians and maintenance staff. Skills on the level of our Basic Training are necessary for this course.  

Expert Training

This Expert Training is offered for automation technicians and engineers. Skills on the level of our Advanced Training are necessary for this course.

Special Trainings

These Special Trainings are made for professionals and specialists in artwork creation. We offer courses on Artwork Place-it and our Laser engraver.