Maintenance Services

Minimize your unplanned equipment downtime and protect your investment with our range of maintenance services. Our services are tailored to every production need. 

Hapa Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance ensures a long life cycle, minimizes downtimes and preserves the value of your Hapa system.

Hapa offers a basic flat rate preventive maintenance contract including 3 maintenance intervals. This allows you to plan the required maintenance and Hapa provides adequate manpower and spare parts.

With the Hapa maintenance contract, you know the costs for the forthcoming operation period. It couldn’t be easier.

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Remote Assistance - Right There, Right Away!

Thanks to high-quality audio, video and augmented reality we can now provide real time diagnosis and troubleshooting, exactly as if we were right beside you – without the need of a physical presence. For more information on how to get advanced support, contact your customer service specialist.

Remote Assistance Services

Remote Assistance Services

Hapa Remote Services enables our technical support team to connect to your Hapa system or provide expert support through augmented reality to guarantee safe and efficient communication, fast troubleshooting and costs savings.

Hapa Remote Services provide:

  • Remote access to machine network for diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Remote support of local technician through augmented reality
  • Connected as needed through customer controlled access

Your benefit:

  • Improved troubleshooting through helpdesk either machine to machine or people to people connectivity
  • Faster reaction time and increased first call resolution
  • Improved machine uptime
  • Ensuring business continuation

See our video for the detailed procedure. 

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Hapa Services - Technical Service

Technical Service

Combining Swiss quality with reliability, innovation, and lean thinking, Hapa offers system check-ups and preventative maintenance packages. Technical services are matched to the customer’s needs when and where they're needed.


Software Recovery Kit

The new service tool “RK-2 Touch” is designed specifically for Hapa H-112 controllers and it features a user-friendly interface where loading machine software has become as easy as 3 simple steps.

See our video for the detailed procedure. 

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Hapa Services - Incident Management & Troubleshooting

Incident Management & Troubleshooting

Remote access assistance, troubleshooting, and service intervention – Hapa-certified engineers and technicians provide the complete knowledge and expertise to keep customers machines at top-operating condition.

Write or call for support:

+41 (0) 848 55 11 55