Printing solutions for the pharma, medical and veterinary market

With over 50 years of experience in inline packaging printing, we understand that the maximum complexity in healthcare operations is in the packaging steps.

Hapa's on-demand printing and late-stage customization solutions make pharmaceutical and veterinary blister packaging more flexible, less complex and more cost- and waste-efficient.

Moreover, the acquisition of Amaco by Coesia at the end of 2022 enables us to provide you with full-service printing solutions for medical packaging.

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We support your whole process and ensure patient and product safety with our technologies on your substrates.

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Hapa blister foil printing solutions
Hapa Application Testing

Contributing to pharma product safety

Security and reliability are essential when printing data on primary pharmaceutical packaging. The principal goal of Hapa is therefore to provide validated print performance for inline printing, particularly for systems integrated into packaging lines in a GMP-compliant setting. 

Application testing is therefore a foundation of all our projects to ensure elevated security. During the actual production, our customers can then be certain that their print processes will operate reliably from the outset.

We are happy to test your artwork on your materials, using Hapa technology. Please reach out for a consultation by an expert

Where exactly does your packaging complexity lie?

Is it in

  • increased number of packaging variants
  • warehouse stock value reduction
  • minimum order sizes from packaging suppliers
  • smaller batch sizes with frequent changeovers
  • demands for a faster time to market
  • marking of unit-dose blisters
  • improved asset utilization
  • focus on OEE improvement

Through decades of close cooperation and partnerships with key players in the market, we are able to understand complex customer needs and implement the solution best suited for you.

Blister variants

Inline on-demand printing

With inline on-demand printing, you integrate the customization of the product directly into the blister line
The storage of blank lidding foil allows you to...

  • diminish stock
  • minimize overprocessing
  • reduce material handling
  • cut out waiting times due to unavailability of preprinted foils
  • eliminate overproduction
  • prevent unnecessary transportation
  • optimize the workflow

Late-stage customization

The shift in production profiles from large volumes with a few SKUs to high mix / low volumes is well documented. Today, the majority of pharmaceutical companies struggle to manage the complexity associated with demand volatility and a high number of product variants.

With late-stage customization, blister packaging lines produce only blank blisters at a high speed. This allows the customization of sealed blisters at the last stage of the production process. As soon as orders for smaller batches come in, blank blisters are released from inventory, printed on demand in the exact quantity required and rapidly delivered to where they are needed.

Late-stage customization solutions by Hapa
On-demand printing solutions by Hapa

How can your production benefit?

Reduce complexity: on-demand printing and late-stage customization eliminate the complexity associated with small batch sizes and increasing SKUs, enabling you to print exactly the amount required, based on market demand.

Pharma compliance: assurance of successful audits on the blister line is part of our commitment.

Enhance security: with on-demand printing and late-stage customization, you take control of your security. Packaging mix ups by the foil supplier are eliminated. 
By ordering blank lidding foil, supply chain security is maximized.
Printing variable data vs. embossing enables better readability (human and camera).

Improve agility and flexibility: pharmaceutical companies can react instantly to market volatility and accommodate highly diverse production needs. Our technology allows printing of standard layouts, variable data and serialization, including country- or market-specific information.

More production benefits

Reduce cost: inline printing and late-stage customization combined with low cost of ownership produces a quick return on investment.

Minimize waste: with Hapa technology, inventory obsolescence and waste are eliminated, since you print the actual amounts you need, when you need them.

Save time: by producing packaging when required you can speed up time to market significantly. Hapa solutions facilitate fast changeovers and artwork adjustments. 

Improve OEE: with late-stage customization, your blister line produces only blank blisters, significantly improving line capacity utilization.

Workflow integration: Hapa seamlessly connects the hardware and software to your digital workflow, leading to advanced flexibility and automation in your production. The use of our one-PDF workflow ensures high reliability for your production process and a reduction of hidden cost in the graphics chain.

On-demand printing solutions by Hapa
Hapa substrates


At Hapa, we work with various standard substrates used within the pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary markets, which have been extensively tested on our printing systems. We are happy to give you an evaluation of your materials, based on detailed application tests. 

We are able to find a reliable solution for your production needs. 
Our focus lies on the following applications: 

  • blister foil
  • blister packs
  • web material
  • labels
  • blow fill seal 


Hapa solutions use the latest and most secure technologies, geared to each customer’s packaging production strategies and needs. With a wide range of solutions, we can help you solve various production challenges.

Based on your individual production needs, such as number of SKUs, artwork, substrate, batch sizes etc., our experts will give you an individual recommendation. 

We offer the following printing technology solutions: 

  • digital
  • flexographic
  • hybrid
  • laser engraving
Hapa Technology
Hapa's global network

A global network

Hapa cooperates with a dense global network of experienced service and sales partners operating in their home markets. This allows for rapid response times and ensures detailed knowledge of the regional market requirements. Moreover, communication can take place in local languages.

We also use the enhanced possibilities of mixed reality to connect to machines remotely, ensuring a faster reaction time and access to a wider range of Hapa experts.

Reach out and find your local market representative.

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