What if we simplify your product packaging?

Take control with on-demand printing

Various aspects in the packaging process can make production in the pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary market unpredictable.

With an inline on-demand printing solution, blister packaging becomes more flexible, less complex and more cost- and waste-efficient.

Where does your packaging complexity lie?

  • Increased number of packaging variants
  • Warehouse stock value reduction
  • Minimum order sizes from packaging suppliers
  • Smaller batch sizes with frequent changeovers
  • Demands for a faster time-to-market
  • Marking of unit-dose blisters
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Focus on OEE improvement
Blister variants
Digital foil printing with Hapa's Web 4.0 5D

Print exactly what you need, when you need it

With inline on-demand printing, you integrate the customization of the product directly into the blister line. Therefore, you only store unbranded inventory.

The storage of neutral lidding foil allows you to...

  • eliminate overproduction
  • diminish stock
  • reduce material handling
  • cut out waiting times due to unavailability of preprinted foils
  • optimize the workflow
  • eliminate unnecessary transportation
  • reduce over processing

Benefits of inline on-demand printing

Reduce complexity

The trend towards small batch sizes has resulted in a huge increase in SKUs, making stock control very difficult to manage. On-demand printing eliminates this complexity since you print exactly the amount required and blank packaging material can be used for multiple presentations. Auditing of suppliers is also greatly reduced.

Produce Flexibly

Easily add unit-dose codes and serialized data. Country or market specific packaging can be printed at the last moment. 

Reduce cost

Switching from pre-printed to an on-demand printing concept, can significantly reduce your costs. Inline printing combined with low cost of ownership produces a quick return on investment.

Reduce waste

On-demand production eliminates inventory obsolescence and waste because you print exactly the amount you need.

Save time

Frequent line changeovers and lengthy line clearance procedures result in poor utilization of production equipment. 
By producing packaging when required you can speed up time to market significantly.

Enhance security

With on-demand printing, you take control of your security. Packaging mix ups by the supplier are eliminated. 
By ordering blank lidding foil, supply chain security is maximized.

Discover Hapa's on-demand printing solutions

Web 4.0

With the new Web 4.0 5D, Hapa is taking full color inline digital printing of continuous web packaging materials to the next level.

  • Designed specifically for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary markets
  • Offering printing and inspection as a pre-validated package sharing the same "one PDF" workflow
  • Reduction of project validation and implementation efforts and risks while reducing installation and commissioning times
  • Designed to be integrated into your production line
  • Offered as inline top-mounted (T), or on a stand (S), and offline roll-to-roll (R) configuration

Hapa's new Web 4.0 5D
Hapa's new evo+ family

Our evo+ family

Regardless of whether Hybrid, Flexo or full-Digital printing technology is used, the new evo+ family of printing systems is ushering in a new era.

  • "One PDF" workflow for printing and inspection
  • Easy to operate HMI provides real clarity on the machine state and reduces the need for operator training
  • Multiple design upgrades regarding workflow, serviceability and maintainability
  • Offered as inline top-mounted (T), or on a stand (S), and offline roll-to-roll (R) configuration

Discover the H380 Digital, H302 Flexo and H382 Hybrid.

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