Web 4.0 5D

The perfect solution for managing packaging complexity. The system prints up to 5 colors on roll-fed materials.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Digital Printing
  • INDUSTRY: Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: OTC, Other Pharma & Healthcare


The latest version of Web 4.0 CMYK full color printer represents the state of the art for inline digital printing and inspection of continuous web packaging materials. Printing in vivid color and precise details on a wide range of substrates with high reliability and maximum process control, the Web 4.0 5D is designed specifically for the healthcare and pharmaceutical market. By offering printing and inspection in a pre-validated package sharing the same “one pdf” workflow, the Web 4.0 5D reduces project validation and implementation efforts and risks while reducing installation and commissioning times. Designed to drive up your flexibility, agility, and efficiency in production and in your inline printing project execution.


  • OptiMate – Hapa’s award-winning HMI, for pure simplistic operation 
  • Hapa Move – the GMP pharma-compliant machine control architecture 
  • Vision Secure – fully integrated product inspection system, reducing validation effort and execution time for your packaging project 
  • HPPS – pdf -based workflow for printing and inspection, reducing artwork mix-ups and the hidden costs of the graphics chain setup 
  • Hiflow – high uptime active circulated ink supply system that reduces maintenance: less ink wasted, with less burden on the environment 
  • Configurations: roll-to-roll (R), on a stand (S), top-mounted (T) 
  • Mechanical integration and digital interface to packaging machine (S & T version)
  • Corona pre-treatment 
  • Pre-print control unit 
  • Serialization and registered printing 
  • Software Backup & Recovery Kit
  • Validation documentation
  • For further options please contact us


Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)1880
Machine height (mm)2035
Machine length (mm)1300
Machine weight (kg)1500
Other technical features
Technological applicationBlisters, Deep draw blisters, Trays, Pouches
SubstratesAluminium lidding foil, Paperback Aluminium foil, Tyvek, Aluminium Laminates
Technical Data
Max advance length (mm)500
Technical data
Max printing width (mm)360
Max printing length (mm)500
Max web width (mm)370
Min advance length (mm)30
Min web width (mm)40
Resolution (dpi)600
Max printing speed (m/min)54