redcube plus

Scalable from 1 to 7 colors UV DOD, CMYK- / spot-color inline printing module

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Digital Printing
  • INDUSTRY: Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: Optical, Laboratories, Medical Devices, OTC, Other Pharma & Healthcare, Injectables, Ophthalmic


The redcube plus is a scalable UV DOD inline printing module designed to deliver accurate and reliable print onto blank or preprinted substrates on demand and just in time. Integration into new or existing packaging lines is simple and the future-proof design brings agility and flexibility into your supply chain logistics. An upgrade path from single to multi-color spot or CMYK printing is easy, with a print resolution up to 720 dpi at a speed of 60 meters per minute. UV pinning is an option to fulfil white and/or color-on-color printing.

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)729
Machine height (mm)430
Machine length (mm)585
Machine weight (kg)90
Max speed (m/min)60
Other technical features
Technological applicationBlisters, Components, Folded & Glued cartons, Erected cartons, Pouches, Bottles, Ampoules
SubstratesAluminum foil, Paper-backed foil, Paper, Glass, Labels, PVC, Tyvek, Polypropylene (PP), Polycarbonate, ABS, PET, LD/HDPE
Technical data
Max printing width (mm)144
Max printing length (mm)400
Resolution (dpi)720
Value proposition
Value propositionFlexibility
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