Graniten & Hapa Digital Pad Printer

A racing spirit – Graniten and Hapa collaborate to develop the new Digital Pad Printer

This week, the Digital Pad Printer which is the result of an exciting collaboration between Graniten and Hapa, was unveiled for the world to see. The groundbreaking machine is the first CMYK digital solution for BFS products and sports Graniten’s signature features – a small footprint and short changeover time. At the heart of the machine is Hapa’s flexible redcube plus printing module which prints full color artwork along with variable or serialized data.

Although both Graniten and Hapa have been key suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry for many years, the two companies never crossed paths or collaborated prior to this project. Both companies are specialists in their respective fields and bring complimentary skills to the table. The marriage of these two sets of capabilities was the catalyst to make something special happen.

Working with a company like Hapa who are extremely good at what they do, and market leaders in their segment, has been very rewarding. We both saw a big potential in this solution and applied a “can-do-it” attitude during the design and testing processes. Migration testing proved to be a challenge and throughout, Hapa has been speedy with modifications to ensure that the ink met the demanding requirements of the application, says Jan-Olof Olsson, Business Development Director at Graniten.

This has been a very pragmatic collaboration with short lines of communications and quick decision-making. “A racing spirit” between us so to say, to bring this product to market, says the Sales Director at Hapa AG.

The collaboration represented a leap of faith for both parties. Significant investments were made with the conviction that the market had a real need for the finished product.

We strongly believe that this is a solution that will add substantial value for customers, concludes the Sales Director.

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