Bike to Work  a Success at Hapa

Bike to Work a Success at Hapa

Five teams of four Hapa bikers participated this year in the Switzerland-wide Bike to Work campaign. During May and June, the Hapa team members pedaled or walked to work an average of 72% of work days, 6860 km in total—940 more km than last year! The average participant put down 343 km. The average Hapa team put down 1372km.
The Bike to Work campaign is now in its 12th dynamic year. The number of companies participating this year was 1,885, up 6%. The number of teams participating was 14,547; the overall number of participants was 54,780. All told, 12,697,250 km were covered, saving the equivalent of 1,828,404 kg in CO2.
Growth in overall participation was 2%. Growth in the number of companies participating was 6%.

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