evo+ digimatic H-380: The Future of Pharmaceutical Blister Printing

evo+ digimatic H-380: The Future of Pharmaceutical Blister Printing

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical sector, where precision meets innovation, Hapa’s new evo+ digimatic H-380 emerges as a beacon of technological progress. This state-of-the-art digital printing solution, with the optional integration of Hapa’s vision inspection (Vision Secure) technology, offers the simplest and most cost-effective route to digitalization in pharmaceutical packaging.

The evo+ digimatic H-380 is an innovative, monochrome DoD printing solution which represents the next generation of Hapa’s portfolio, specifically designed for digital printing on roll-fed materials. Through inline on-demand printing, the digimatic H-380 allows pharmaceutical companies to print exactly what they need, when they need it. This innovation is transforming how the industry handles packaging, addressing the longstanding complexity in production. By streamlining operations and reducing inventory, the solution significantly enhances production flexibility and efficiency. 

Inline On-Demand Printing: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Packaging

The pharmaceutical sector is experiencing a surge in production complexity due to several evolving demands and constraints. Companies navigate through an increasing number of packaging variants and the need to reduce warehouse stock values. They also contend with minimum order sizes from suppliers and the shift toward smaller batch sizes which requires frequent production changeovers. In addition, the escalating demand for faster time-to-market, the need for precise marking of unit-dose blisters, and the target to improve asset utilization, makes inline on-demand printing the only viable solution.

Inline on-demand printing by Hapa has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by drastically reducing production complexity and waste. This advanced approach allows for greater flexibility in packaging, as it eliminates the need for pre-printed foil, minimizing warehouse stock levels. Indeed, the evo+ digimatic H-380 integrates this technology directly into the production line, allowing companies to keep unbranded inventory and print specific designs on demand. This shift streamlines material handling, cuts waiting times for pre-printed foils, and supports leaner operations.

A Closer Look at the evo+ digimatic H-380

The evo+ digimatic H-380 is not just any packaging printer. It is a comprehensive modular UV printing system designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical sector. It handles printing on a variety of roll-fed substrates such as aluminum foil, paper-backed aluminum, and Tyvek. Available in three configurations (top mounted, roll to roll, and stand version) the evo+ digimatic H-380 is tailored to integrate seamlessly with existing packaging lines, delivering exceptional flexibility.

Ensuring Production Security with Hapa’s Vision Secure

The evo+ digimatic H-380 digital web printing system is loaded with features that primarily concentrate on efficiency, sustainability, and a rapid return on investment. However, a key innovative feature of the evo+ digimatic H-380 is the integration of the Vision Secure system, Hapa’s integrated inspection system. The system checks artwork and variable data/codes, ensuring product security and patient safety.

The integration of the Vision Secure system not only enhances production reliability but also increases operational efficiency. It reduces changeover times and validation efforts, as Hapa can load the combined artwork and inspection files as a service before the printer is installed on the line. This feature reflects Hapa’s commitment to innovation and addresses the pharmaceutical industry’s needs.

The evo+ digimatic H-380 therefore represents a strategic enhancement in pharmaceutical packaging. By combining on-demand printing capabilities with an integrated vision inspection system, it offers a powerful solution to the current challenges which the industry is facing, such as increased packaging complexity and the need for rapid response to market changes.

Adopting the evo+ digimatic H-380 allows pharmaceutical companies to achieve a faster return on investment minimizing waste, reducing stock levels, and enhancing production efficiencies. The system is not only compliant with the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry but also presents a sustainable solution that aligns with the global environmental and safety standards.

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