Farmavita's Success Story: collaboration and enhanced efficiency with Hapa's WebJet

Farmavita's Success Story: collaboration and enhanced efficiency with Hapa's WebJet

Farmavita, a leading pharmaceutical company located in the territory of the Sarajevo municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina, specializes in products for the cardiovascular system, medicines that affect the blood as well as drugs for the skin, systemic infection, nervous system, and digestive tract. Recently, the company found itself faced with the challenge of upgrading its inline printing technology.

“Our focus is to supply the local market and its citizens with necessary products”, says Farmavita. So, with the obsolescence model of their previous printing system, the Hapa Digiprint, they sought an innovative and reliable solution to meet these production needs.

Hapa, as the provider of the previous system, already knew the company's needs and with its expertise in providing printing and marking solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical industry, emerged as the ideal partner of choice to support the whole process and ensure patient and product safety. Leveraging its extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, Hapa offered Farmavita the WebJet system, renowned for its exceptional print quality, operational reliability, and versatility in handling diverse production requirements.

Farmavita's journey to efficiency with Hapa technology

“Throughout the whole project, every step went smoothly”

Farmavita´s success story

Farmavita's positive feedback regarding Hapa's technology focused on operational efficiency, superior print quality, and ease of use of the system. In particular: the reduction in downtime, improvements in batch production management, and increased productivity were achieved with the new system.

“The biggest challenges in production are the frequent changes of batches on the equipment, which means that we have more adjustments and preparations for each batch. With the purchase of a new Hapa printer, this time was reduced.”

The positive impact has been quantifiable, as Farmavita says: "With the new Hapa printer, we have about 5% less foil consumption.” This translates into significant savings on alu foil spending for the year. In addition, streamlining the product preparation process at the beginning of each working day has led to an increase in blister production, increasing the number of packs produced at the end of the year. Farmavita expects to achieve a significant 7% increase in capacity on the line than the last year.

"Farmavita's operators are highly satisfied with Hapa's solution," enthused the company representative. "Considering that we already have the same printer installed on another line for primary packaging, the change was very easy."

Beyond technology

Webjet_frontviewMoreover, collaborating with Hapa provided Farmavita with more than just a technological solution; it offered access to a team of experts dedicated to understanding and addressing Farmavita's specific challenges. Hapa's customer-centric approach and commitment to continuous improvement ensured that the WebJet system met Farmavita's exact requirements, setting the stage for enhanced productivity and quality in ​​their production processes.

The success of the partnership between Farmavita and Hapa was evident from the outset, and the pharmaceutical company expressed full satisfaction with the collaboration and the results achieved with the new system.

The entire process, from the needs assessment to the delivery and installation of the solution, was flawless, demonstrating Hapa's high level of expertise and professionalism in providing technology solutions tailored to customers' specific needs.


The partnership between Farmavita and Hapa has proven to be a success story in the implementation of advanced technologies to improve  production processes and ensure the quality and reliability of pharmaceutical products. This has enabled the company to achieve its performance improvement goals and position itself to continue growing and succeeding in the pharmaceutical market.

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