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Production Support Services

Our global presence and service packages position Hapa to proactively support system availability, quality of production, and reliability. Extend your system’s life cycle with our portfolio of products.

Hapa Services - Asset protection services

Asset Protection Services

Hapa provides comprehensive asset protection and support. Customers profit from: training courses, technical support and maintenance services, upgrade packages, spare and wear parts, and consumables that include inks and customized print mats.

We offer preventative maintenance packages at an all-inclusive flat rate which helps to improve your production and budget planning. 

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Remote Assistance Services

Hapa Remote Services enables our technical support team to connect to your Hapa system or provide expert support through augmented reality to guarantee safe and efficient communication, fast troubleshooting and costs savings.

Hapa Remote Services provide:

  • Remote access to machine network for diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Remote support of local technician through augmented reality
  • Connected as needed through customer controlled access

Your benefit:

  • Improved troubleshooting through helpdesk either machine to machine or people to people connectivity
  • Faster reaction time and increased first call resolution
  • Improved machine uptime
  • Ensuring business continuation

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