The most cost-efficient, pharma safe solution for inline marking and coding of blister foils. 

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and see why the Variable Data Printer is a

  • Reliable

  • Cost-efficient

  • High print quality

solution with a proven OEM integration.

Key Benefits

  • Full web-width variable data and coding

  • Pharma compliance as a standard

  • Automated workflow enables digital transformation

  • Print quality independent of the foil speed

  • Eliminate mechanical adjustment for pocket specific print 

  • All pharmaceutical barcodes and 2D codes supported

  • Low consumables costs (ask us for your specific calculation)

  • Qualified, UV-cured ink performance

VDP machine
Benefits over Embossing

Benefits over Embossing

  • Improved camera readability – minimal waste

  • No mechanical changeover – no risk of broken characters

  • Fast setup 

  • Patient safety – text is readable by humans and vision systems

  • Order data directly from ERP system – human errors eliminated

  • Guaranteed 360 dpi (regardless of speed)

  • Automated workflow enables digital transformation

Benefits over Laser Ablation

  • No by-product created (dust, debris)

  • No special foil coatings required

  • No process specific materials required

  • Lower material costs

  • Any format can be supported

  • Printing without speed restrictions

  • Pocket print on sealed and unsealed areas possible

Benefits over Laser Ablation
Benefits over Thermal Inkjet

Benefits over Thermal Inkjet

  • UV-cured inks, no solvents or additional heat required to dry ink

  • Improved camera readability – minimal waste

  • High resistance against rotary sealing stations

  • Maintained, bold contrast independent of foil speed

  • Eliminate mechanical changeover/ adjustment

  • User-friendly ink refill on-the-fly

  • Neat integration, no unsightly wires, HMI integrated into blisterformer/ SCADA

  • No empty ink cartridges to discard every few days

Application Testing

Hapa's application testing is a foundation of all projects.

Substrate, ink and printing process are tested within real production conditions, including the rotary sealing process.

This ensures the expected print quality and operational performance. 


Application Testing


The VDP enables an easy application of product- or batch-specific data and codes as well as serialization on all parts of the blister foil. This includes pocket-specific print.


Technical Data

All technical specifications can be found in the downloadable technical data sheet.

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